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An Intelligent Building Energy Management System (IBEMS) provides business owners with a way to reduce energy consumption and conserve resources through an automated system that controls vital building functions.

Drawing on over 30 years experience within the HVAC industry, Hensall iBEMS can provide cost-effective, energy efficient Building Management Systems for a variety of purposes and building sizes. All projects ensure compliance with building regulations and energy codes, including Part L2a/L2b and BREEAM.

Available for installation anywhere throughout the UK with additional considerations for overseas work outside of the UK.


BMS Features and Benefits

The first stage of installing an Building Control System is to assess your building and a business needs in order to provide a fully optimised system that suits you in a unique way.

There are a variety of functions that an control systems can aid with, including:

    • Reduce building energy consumption
    • Minimise carbon footprint
    • Increase tenant satisfaction
    • Building security
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Building maintenance and regulation compliance (IBEMS can help to achieve ISO 50001:2011 standard, for example)
    • Manage various technology and building systems
    • Increased ROI


Full Design and build
Our designs can range from a simple time and temperature control to a fully integrated Building Energy Management System.

Electrical Installation
We are able to project manage and install electrical installations for a variety of HVAC Building Management Systems.

Electrical Control Panel Design & Manufacture
All of our control panels are electrically and functionally tested before they leave the workshop.

Software and Graphical Construction
We provide independent software and graphical slide production for a number of control systems manufacturers.

HVAC commissioning
We can provide on-site commissioning of new BEMS equipment installations.

Servicing and Planned Preventative Maintenance
Hensall can provide one-off site visits or a series of planned preventative maintenance visits to ensure the smooth running of your BMS.

Breakdown Service
Our breakdown service aims to attend all call outs between 4 and 48 hours, depending on the severity of the situation and whether a service agreement is in place.

System Validation, Site Surveys & Assessments
We offer a full validation service of existing HVAC and BEMS equipment and general site surveys, as well as accurate assessments of current operational equipment and mechanical plant.

Energy Meter Interfacing and Data Logging
We are able to integrate the ability to accurately monitor energy usage data and install the necessary metering equipment to do so.

Remote Access and Bureau Energy/Monitoring Services
We provide a remote site access facility on all of our installations to allow us to continually monitor and refine your BMS.