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With net-zero targets and sustainability initiatives being a prominent part of modern construction, we can’t afford to take a lax approach to the decarbonisation efforts or the aims of the PSDS. It’s all of our collective responsibility to protect our planet – both for ourselves and the generations to come.

But that’s easier said than done. There’s always new legislation and best practice that can be difficult to keep up with. And if you aren’t familiar with how this changes your approach, it can leave you feeling in the dark. You may have the best intentions but not the expert knowledge to know what that first step is.

So put your trust in us to deliver projects that meet your immediate goals and the long-term needs of the community. we have always endeavoured to stay at the forefront of the conversation. It’s why we were one of the very first contractors to successfully deliver projects funded by the government’s PSDS scheme. If you want a trustworthy partner to help you tackle ambitious global and national sustainability goals, look no further.

Level up your decarbonisation efforts

A bespoke approach to decarbonisation

With a range of sustainability capabilities – such as heat pump installation, PV arrays, insulation, LED lighting installation, and HVAC modernisation – we take our work on PSDS projects seriously. But what is the correct solution for you?

Our approach to PSDS is to always consider your particular needs. While the end goal for all of us is the same – to mitigate our impact on the planet – how we achieve that will look different for every project. It’s why you always receive a tailored service built around your vision, with clear communication throughout to ensure we’re meeting your standards.

With a 100% success rate when it comes to decarbonising buildings, we are incredibly conscientious when it comes to supporting you. Our vast experience and technical engineering expertise allow us to provide you with practical, cost-effective solutions that keep the challenges of each individual site in mind. Your funds from the scheme should always be used appropriately, so we also work to guarantee every project is brought to completion within an agreed time frame to prevent any running over budget.

A committed, experienced partner

Whether this is your first PSDS project or your tenth, there’s always a sense of trepidation as you aim to do everything right. Let us take that worry off your shoulders. We’re no strangers to the unique challenges PSDS projects present, and our knowledge of sustainability is integral in shaping our approach. With a number of complex schemes completed, our engineers have the combination of skill, knowledge, and agility needed to achieve optimum results and gains.

Our PSDS scope of work includes:

  • Heat pump installation
  • Solar PV arrays
  • Wind turbines
  • Heat/electrical supply modernisation
  • Insulation
  • BMS and iBEMS integration

You want someone by your side who’s been here before and can help you secure the ideal outcomes seamlessly and efficiently. A partner who understands the risks and uses proactive measures to avoid them at all costs. Throughout, we endeavour to keep the impact on your service operations to a minimum, even working out of hours to ensure as little disruption as possible.


Contact us on info@hensall.com or 01977 661 318 to discuss an upcoming project or learn more about working with us.